The Android Project


by Dalibor Lanik


* Ghost Commander

    simple file manager, the only one I liked and I've tried them all. All the others were to complex trying to impress you with wealth of features and graphics. This one  is simple but does the job really well.

* Remote Web Desktop

    allows you to connect remotely by cable or WiFi to your phone. It has 2 parts, web and ftp. So you can i.e. run ftp server and connect to your phone via wifi from any ftp client, i.e. Total Commander. Web part allows you to connect from web browser, where you have nice desktop of your phone.

* My Phone Explorer

    Coolest app. Allows you to connect to your device and sync/backup everything; contacts, messages, even apps! Send SMSes from your PC, take screenshots on unrooted phone, monitor phone and more.

* Folder Organizer

    The best folder organizer ever! It is so powerfull and customizable you can't believe. Create folders on your android desk, group apps, display contacts as icons, most contacted contacts, favorites, most used apps, you name it.

* Car Home Ultra

    really usefull while driving, has big buttons you can add apps and contacts.

* Mobo Player

    my favorite video player

* IM+ Pro

    best IM client. Has all important protocols, and the only client with Skype protocol.

* Setting Profiles

    IMHO the best profile switcher. There are more powerfull profilers, but this one has great balance between simplicty and power. You can do all important tasks with this one and is much simpler than the rest.

* Elixir 2

    Displays system info. I use it because of it's widgets.

* Phone Usage

    My favorite phone usage app. Displays how much data you transfered, how many calls you made, SMSes etc. Also alerts you when you exceed limits. I tried several apps and this one seems best to me. I prefer it's widgets compared to other apps.

* Circular Battery
    Android has battery indicator, but this one is so cool and visible and precise that I had to install it. It displays circle with % of battery power left and a number in the circle center.

* Extended Controls

    best widget switcher I could find. Skinable.

* Total Recall

    records all your calls to SD card automatically. Great app.

* life.contacts

    displays a widget of most used contacts. Really cool. Nothing that i.e. already mentioned "Folder Organizer" can't do, but this program looks really cool.