The Mobile Project


by Dalibor Lanik



    The phone itself looks exactly like the iPhone with 1 difference for C6 and 2 differences for C5. C5 has a bit smaller screen (which, as I see it is a BIG advantage, since almost all software for Windows Mobile works on QVGA). The second difference for both models is the "mute" button. It has a hole in it and is a "reset" button. Other than that, I doubt you could tell it from the apple made item.

    The screen is not capacitive, but it works just fine. IMHO, this is also not a flaw, I used capacative screen and it probably has it's advantages (as everything - it takes getting used to), but it has it's flaws too. i.e. your fingertips are not so precise as your nails. And with capacitive screen you have to use fingertips. It just doesn't react if you press it with your nail. Or stylus. And for small buttons/items, nails will always be more precise than fingerips. Ofcourse, on pressure sensitive screens, you can also use fingertips, and it works ok most of the time. Anyways, screen is bright, clear and precise. It has only QVGA resolution, but c'mon, most people can't tell the difference between 1024x768 and 1280x1024 on LARGE monitors, so I suppose the higher resolution on such small screen is nothing major. For me (since I started wearing glasses) it only means smaller fonts ;-)

    My phone takes about 1.10 seconds to boot, and that is with ALL resident programs I have installed (finger msgbox, fingermenu, automatic call record, 2 extra keyboards, screenchange, g-sensor, SU2 and touchback and also animated wallpaper). It didn't occur to me to check how long it takes WITHOUT all these apps, but I suppose it must be less than a minute.

    The phone has the same connector as iphone, so you can use all accessories for iphone. I use cable from my iPod and it works just fine and I also bought car-holder with charger and it fits just fine.

    The overall quality of the phones? I would give them a good mark, considering how much they cost. They won't crush to pieces in your hand ;-) but you can tell the difference in the quality (comparing C5 and C6). C6 is heavier and it feels better in your hand, only because of the weight.  C5's on/off button is a bit hard to press because it is rather short, while C6's power button is "taller" and has better tactile feedback when you press it. On the other hand, C5 had better "back" button. Now, it all works and it could be just these 2 items. And it could be only my subjective feeling. I never had my wife complain on the C6's center "back" button, but she is no IT expert either ;-) So, overall, they are OK, they could be a bit better, but they are good enough.

    The sound quality on the speakers is pretty good - I have heard both louder and quieter phones than C5/C6, there's really nothing unusual about these. The sound on the earpiece is excellent as well. In 3-4 months I never experienced any issues with signal.

    I would have some complaints on the quality of supplied earphones - but this is a minor thing, just get another earphones and it is all OK. They are really cheap ones. I mean, they have pretty decent sound quality, but are too quiet for my taste. Meaning that if MP3 you're listening to was recorded a bit quieter you won't be able to hear it while in the metro/tube/subway. I use my iPod earphones and the quality and volume is just fine, even though still not as loud as i.e. iPod. Since C5/C6 have special jack, you have to use the supplied adapter with built-in accept call button.

    Bottom line: The units are pretty well made, ofcourse th quality could be higher, but then it would cost more. I have not found any flaws that would prevent you from using the phones in a normal way. I wouln't try dropping them but other than that they are OK. If you like to carry your phone in your front pocket together with keys, or like throwing it to desk etc. then this is not the phone for you. But so isn't  original iPhone ;-)