The Mobile Project


by Dalibor Lanik



    C5/C6 have everything one would expect from a phone. Or almost all. After getting the phone I spent some time looking for software and examining installed software. And did they do a great job! Transforming windows phone into iphone! If you know how, you can do it yourself for any windows phone. Still, there are some extra bits of software that I wan't able to find that are included in C5/C6. but let's take a look at the core of the apps which are essential for everyday use and that are the "face" of iphone interface.


     This is their custom made app which is the best of the lot. I tried other various iMenu applications and none come close to iMenu. I coudn't find it on the net so I suppose it is custom made app for ciphone. It is really fast and when I compared it to SPB Shell on my friend's X1 one could see the difference! On X1, which has much faster processor than C5, SPB shell scrolls pages with visible delay. not so on C5. It is fast as lightning!

    You can add your own icons automatically by installing programs, they are added on the last screen. Then you can move them to whichever screen you like. They automaticaly have gray background buttons with standard windows icon but you can change it to custom PNG or BMP. It only requires editing file iMenu.0409.layout in windows folder. It really has simple structure:

1    1    2    \windows\icons\MM_sms.bmp    Message   
1    2    4    \windows\icons\MM_calendar.bmp    Calendar   
1    3    13    \windows\icons\MM_picture.bmp    Photos   
1    4    7    \windows\icons\MM_camera.bmp    Camera   
1    5    0    \windows\icons\MM_fm.bmp    FM Radio    FM Radio
1    6    8    \windows\icons\MM_worldclock.bmp    Clock   
1    7    0    \windows\icons\MM_Sounds and Notifications.png    Alarm    Alarm
1    8    10    \windows\icons\MM_map.bmp    Maps   
1    9    6    \windows\icons\MM_calculator.bmp    Calculator   
1    10    12    \windows\icons\MM_memo.bmp    Memo   
1    11    0    \windows\icons\MM_contact.bmp    Contacts    icontact
1    12    14    \windows\icons\MM_settings.bmp    Settings   
1    13    1    \windows\icons\MM_phone.bmp    Call   
1    14    3    \windows\icons\MM_mail.bmp    Email   
1    15    0    \windows\icons\Taskmanager2.png    MMTaskMgr    MMTaskMgr
1    16    11    \windows\icons\MM_ipod.bmp    iPod   
2    1    0    \windows\icons\MM_inputmethod.bmp    Input    InputMethod
2    2    0    \windows\icons\MM_ringtone.bmp    Sounds    Soundsettings
2    3    0    \windows\icons\MM_callforward.bmp    CallDivert    CallForward
2    4    0    \windows\icons\MM_wallpaper.bmp    Wallpaper    Wallpaper
2    5    0    0    GSensor    GSensor
2    6    0    \windows\icons\MM_PocketInformant.png    AdvCfg    AdvCfg
2    7    0    0    TouchBack    TouchBack
2    8    0    \windows\icons\MM_Mailbox-Callrecorder.png    ACRec    ACRec
2    9    0    0    FingerKbd    FingerKbd
2    10    0    0    ActivSync    ActivSync
2    11    0    0    ChngScrn    ChngScrn
3    1    0    \windows\icons\MM_fileexplorer.bmp    Files    File Explorer
3    2    0    \windows\icons\MM_TotalCommander.png    TotalCmd    TotalCmd
3    3    0    0    ClrTemp    ClrTemp
3    4    0    \windows\icons\MM_Search.bmp    Search    Search
3    5    0    \windows\icons\MM_Registry2.png    RegEdit    RegEdit
3    6    0    \windows\icons\MM_SIM Card.png    O2_SIM    O2_SIM
3    7    0    \windows\icons\Dotfred Taskmanager.png    TaskMngr    Task Manager
3    8    0    0    Mobiola    Mobiola
3    9    0    \windows\icons\iphone-Phone.png    PhonyCall    PhonyCall
3    10    0    0    No Calls    No Calls

    1st number is the number of screen, second of icon (max 12 on C5 or 16 on C6). Then you either have icon number in exe or path to BMP/PNG file, followed by icon text and shortcut name. The items are separated by TAB. don't worry if it looks complex, it is all generated automaticaly. All you have to do in order to put custom icon is replace the fourth number with path to icon. Icons are stored by default in \windows\icons\.

    In order to edit this system file you have to use a trick. Reboot the phone in windows mode. Connect it via ActiveSync. It must be ActiveSync because under disk drive mode you don't have access to flash disk. 
Select in explorer to display hidden and system files. Copy iMenu.0409.layout to your PC and open it in notepad. Edit it and copy it to your storage card. Disconnect device. Run CE commander or other file manager. Copy or move the file to \Windows folder. Reboot in iPhone mode. That's it. You could do it via shorter route, without rebooting into windows but there is a chance you'll damage something so it is better to do it like this.

    Here are some good sites on which you can download icons or make your own for ciphone: This site has big icon archive:

while with these two sites you can make your own icons from and image:

    You can also change wallpaper both for iMenu and standby, and while standby wallpapers can be animated, iMenu wallpapers can't. Here you have excellent site with loads of wallpapers in C5 and C6 resolutions:



    Locked phone. It is unlocked by sliding the button. All notifications (SMS, MMS, Alerms, etc) can be displayed. Battery level charging is displayed when phone is connected. Last image shows what it looks like on incoming call. You slide to accept/reject calls.




   Media player. It is also well integrated into "lock" standby screen.


    Settings screens.


    G-Sensor calibration and Teeter game... really cool. Not only the ball moves as you tilt the device, but you also feel it bumping into the edges!

    Weather info and news....


    Word and Excel....

    Total Commander and file manager....

    iGo8 and Amigo....

    Sygic mobile Maps 10 and Navigon....

    New menues look and new dialog boxes look!