XGetPhotos plugin v0.04


by Dalibor Lanik


Remark: changes from previous version are marked in blue.




  • Run installer exe



·    No sample skin is provided with this plugin (since it’s so simple)

·    This plugin was tested with the Xlobby build dated 27/06/2006 (latest as of this writing).




There are 3 commands in this plugin. They can be found in configuration dialog of XLobby by pressing F2, under events tab, by adding plugin command.


Here is the list with brief descriptions what they do:


Copy                [source_path] [destination_path]

        ·              Copies files from source path to destination path. Paths must be enclosed in quotes, i.e. „F:\DCIM\100OLYMP\“ „D:\PICS\“. The files are copied to the destination path in up to 3-level folder structure: i.e. \YYYY\MM\DD. Just to make things clear: it reads the creation date of the files, and makes folders for every file with different date (if you have several days worth of photos on your memory card). Doesn’t copy sub-folders.


      Settings for folder structure are kept in registry. You can edit them in configuration dialog: From Xlobby, press F2, go to plugins tab, select XGetPhotos, click on Configure button. When you close it by clicking OK, settings will be saved to registry.



      There are 3 levels. If you don’t want to use a level, just leave it blank. Allowed values are listed in the drop down menu. If you don’t change the values, defaults are used: YYYY\MM\YYMMDD.


      I.e. by setting 1st level to YYYY, 2nd to MM and 3rd to YYMMDD, it will copy pictures according to their creation dates into structure looking like this: 2006\07\20060720\.


      Since most of the photo cameras can also make short videos, if you want to copy those somewhere else, I’ve included the option to do so. Just specify extension (mov, avi, etc) and the path to which to copy these files.



Delete              [source_path]

·      Deletes files from source path. Doesn’t delete sub-folders, only the contents of specified source path. Path must be enclosed in quotes, i.e. „F:\DCIM\100OLYMP\“


Clear                [no parameter]

·              Clears variables. Needed so when you display overlay with copy info for the second time, it doesn‘t display old percentage, progress bar and filenames (from previous copy/delete) for a split-second, before it starts copying. Just assign this event prior to opening overlay with copy progress bar.




You can use those on text fields to display info about copy/delete progress:


plugin>XGetPhotos>FileName                        * file currently being copied (text)

plugin>XGetPhotos>Percentage                    * total percent finished (text)

plugin>XGetPhotos>Source                            * source path (text)

plugin>XGetPhotos>Dest                 * destination path (text)

plugin>XGetPhotos>ProgressBar                 * progress bar (image)


Errors and logging


            Errors are logged in file c:\program files\xlobby\xgetphotos_log.txt.


To do:


·      Nothing, really. If you think of somethnig, let me know.


If you have any comments, suggestions or requests, send a post to Xlobby forum, plugins\XGetPhotos plugin topic, or e-mail me at


Dalibor Lanik

Prague, July 2006