XUTube plugin v0.13


by Dalibor Lanik


Remark: changes from previous version are marked in blue.





  • Run installer exe



·    Sample skin is provided with this plugin and automatically installed by the installer

·    This plugin was tested with the last free Xlobby build.

·      To start with the sample XUTube skin, set it up as your default skin in xlobby.xml, located in XLobby root folder, typically: c:\Program Files\XLobby\. Find the line with <skin>default</skin> and replace the skin name with „XUTube“ so it looks like this: <skin> XUTube</skin>




There are several commands in this plugin. They can be found in configuration dialog of XLobby by pressing F2, under events tab, by adding plugin command.


Here is the list with brief descriptions what they do:


Get_tag                        [tag]

        ·             Retrieves videos by tag, i.e. if you specify „george bush“ as a parameter, you will get all monkey videos.


Get_user                      [username]

        ·             Retrieves videos by username, i.e. if you specify „dalanik“ you will get all my videos on youtube.


Get_featured                [no paramaters]

                ·             Retreives featured videos.


Get_popday                 [no parameters]

        ·             Retreives most popular videos, for current day.


Get_popweek               [no parameters]

        ·             Retreives most popular videos, for current week.


Get_popmonth [no parameters]

        ·             Retreives most popular videos, for current month.


Get_popall                   [no parameter]

·             Retreives all most popular videos.


Make_HTML                 [no parameter]

·             Creates HTML file in plugins/XUTube folder with link to selected video. This event should be added on selection of video to play because it creates page which will display selected video (see example skin).




No variables are used.


Your configuration


When you first run XLobby with XUTube plugin and open configuration with F2, go to plugins, select XUTube and  select "configure" button, you ‘ll get configuration dialog and you can edit your settings.



All input values are mandatory. I included my developer ID in default config, please change it to yours, you can get one for free at Youtube.


All values are changed immediately when OK is pressed.


The values are stored in registry:






            1 database is created by XUTube:


·      xutube.xml - contains all links to videos and descriptions, etc.


§ parameter (equals to id)

§ display (Item Name)

§         Author (author of video)

§         Id (youtube video ID)

§         url (url of video)

§         description (video description)

§         length_secs (length in seconds)

§         rating_avg (average rating)

§         rating_count  (number of ratings)

§         view_count (number of times viewed)

§         tags


Errors and logging


            Errors are logged in file c:\program files\xlobby\xutube_log.txt.


Changes in this release:

  • added error control, now youtube errors are processed and displayed in category (xlobby database) i.e. if you search for nonexistant tag, you won’t get a crash J but instead 1 item in database with error code.
  • Changed HTML
  • Fixed bug of the extra quote in HTML code


To do:


If you have any comments, suggestions or requests, send a post to Xlobby forum, plugins\XUTube plugin topic, or e-mail me at


Dalibor Lanik

Prague, July 2007