XVideoSignature plugin v0.03


by Dalibor Lanik


Remark: changes from previous version are marked in blue.





  • Run installer exe



·    Sample skin is not provided with this plugin

·    This plugin was tested with the last free version of XLobby.




This plugin is made so we can have images for video „Now Playing“ signatyre, that can be linked to from HTML documents, similar to the ones Xlobby already has for music. Just assign an event to send the image prior to running your video player, and event to clear image on video player exit. There are special groups in Xlobby to set it up: If you press F2 to open configuration, go to file types, you’ll see 2 buttons – 1 for start event and other for end event. These are executed before and after of the movie play command:



But first let’s have a look at the commands:




There are 5 commands in this plugin. They can be found in configuration dialog of XLobby by pressing F2, under events tab, by adding plugin command.


All but last do the same thing – send the selected image from the category to the selected ftp server, the only difference is the size of the image.


OriginalSize     [category]

        ·              Send selected image (cover) from the category specified in the parameter to the ftp server. Image size will remain the same as the image you’re using in Xlobby.


Large               [category]

        ·              Send selected image (cover) from the category specified in the parameter to the ftp server. Image size will be large (width = 500 pixels).


Medium            [category]

        ·              Send selected image (cover) from the category specified in the parameter to the ftp server. Image size will be medium (width = 250 pixels).


Small               [category]

        ·              Send selected image (cover) from the category specified in the parameter to the ftp server. Image size will be small (width = 100 pixels).


XML                 [category]

        ·              Send XML file containing movie info to the ftp server. This can ge used to display movie information from xlobby movie database, i.e. director, genre, actors, plot, etc. You must create XML file yourself (hint: use XscriptNG!). It should be loacted in plugin folder and named sig.xml. Then you can read it in HTML page via JavaScript to display it. For example of reading XML to HTML, look at If you specify _clear as category, XML with no actual data will be sent to server. If you need example VB.NET script to to create XML file, just send me a mail and I’ll provide it.


            If you don’t specify the category name, category „movies“ will be assumed. If you specify „_clear“ as a category name, generic image with „no playing“ will be sent to the ftp. You can change this image to anything you want, it’s located in the plugin folder, and is named _clear.jpg.


Now, knowing the ftp adress where you uploaded your images, and knowing your UNIQUE ID in Xlobby, you can make a link to this uploaded image! And link it in your signature, on your web page (that’s what I’m doing) etc. You can see your UNIQUE ID in xlobby.xml file located in the root folder of Xlobby (i.e. c:\Progrem Files\Xlobby\) or by opening configuration dialog of XVideoSignature plugin.


I.e. If the server adress is, and your UNIQUE ID is LSDKFJDS, the link to the image would be:




            There are no variables in this plugin.


Your ftp account details


      When you first run XLobby with XVideoSignature plugin and open configuration with F2, go to plugins, select XVideoSignature and  select "configure" button, you ‘ll get configuration dialog and you can edit your settings. Also, notice that your UNIQUE ID is displayed here:



      All input values are mandatory except “Folder” (if you’re storing the image to the root folder or your FTP server). All values are changed immediately when OK is pressed.


The values are stored in registry:





      The values are:


"Folder", folder used on the server

"Server", your ftp server

"Username", your username

“Password”, your password used to logon to the ftp server


Errors and logging


Errors are logged in file c:\program files\xlobby\xvideosignature_log.txt.


To do:


  • I want to do a banner in Xlobby now playing signature style, but I’m lazy…


If you have any comments, suggestions or requests, send a post to Xlobby forum, plugins\XVideoSignature plugin topic, or e-mail me at


Dalibor Lanik

Prague, March 2008